BLS Instructor Course

BLS Instructor Course

Blended Course with an American Heart Association Instructor

BLS Instructor Course Description

The BLS Instructor Course offered by Safeguard CPR in Alpharetta is designed to train individuals who wish to become proficient in teaching Basic Life Support (BLS) courses to healthcare providers. The aim of this course is to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively teach BLS techniques to others. During the course, participants will learn about the principles of adult learning, how to use instructional materials, and how to evaluate learner performance. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice their instructional skills and receive feedback from experienced BLS instructors. Successful completion of this course certifies the participant as an American Heart Association BLS Instructor. The course is open to healthcare providers who have a current BLS provider card and are motivated to become BLS instructors.

BLS Instructor Course Delivery Method

The Basic Life Support Instructor course is offered in a blended learning format that includes:

  • AHA BLS Instructor Essentials Online
  • BLS Instructor course in-person session
  • AHA BLS Instructor Manual eBook

AHA BLS Instructor Essentials Online

  • BLS Instructor Essential is the self-directed, online portion of the BLS Instructor Essentials Blended Learning course. It covers the components of the instructor cycle, including Prepare, Teach, Test & Remediate, Close, and Keep Current. It includes core information about instructing AHA courses, followed by course-specific information
  • This course must be completed by candidates who wish to become AHA BLS instructors. 
  • Course length is about 2 hours, depending on the student.

AHA Instructors

Instructor Resources – at Your Fingertips

Are you already an AHA Instructor?
Find a variety of information, including course and training updates specific to your instructor discipline at the American Heart Association Instructor Network.

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BLS Instructor Course Schedule

Classes held 7 days a week:

BLS Instructor Course Cost

(Payment must be received at least 24 hours in advance.)

BLS Instructor Course Length

Approximately 5 hours to complete.

How to Become an AHA Instructor

  • Candidates must have a current BLS Provider course completion card.
  • Successfully complete the BLS Instructor Essentials Online Course
  • Successfully complete the hands-on session conducted by Safeguard CPR BLS training center faculty
  • Successfully be monitored teaching your first course within six months of completing the BLS classroom Instructor Course.
  • Register and be confirmed on the AHA Instructor Network

Once you become an Instructor, you will have access to the most current emergency cardiovascular care science, course updates, training resources and tools through the online AHA Instructor Network. You will also be able to post class dates and times to reach more students through our public website.