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As a Nanny, you know how important it is to be prepared for every situation that might arise.


At Safeguard CPR, we provide CPR and First Aid Training for Nannies through our Pediatric First Aid CPR AED class. This training is essential for those who need to be able to recognize and manage pediatric emergencies and who work directly with children.

Emergencies and accidents happen. From a piece of food getting lodged in the throat to an unexpected, allergy-causing bee bite, when a child’s breathing is affected it’s a scary and potentially fatal situation. When breathing is obstructed, the brain will only survive 4 to 6 minutes unless oxygen flow is restored.​ Next to school teachers, babysitters and nannies are the people that keep our children safe when parents can’t be at home. Accidental injuries, including choking and drowning, are the top causes for pediatric deaths in the United States of America, and it is important for these individuals to know what to do if such an emergency occurred. Whether you’re looking to babysit for your neighbors on the occasional Friday night or you’re hoping to land a full-time nanny job, you should first look into obtaining Pediatric First Aid CPR AED certification.
Safeguard CPR ​has classes focusing on CPR for babysitters and nannies that don’t require much of your time and will make all the difference if you find yourself in an emergency situation. All of our classes  include classroom instruction with an experienced medical professional using hands-on methods involving a manikin.

Daily Classes

What Is Pediatric First Aid CPR AED for Nannies?

Pediatric First Aid and CPR training for Nannies is designed specifically for those who may be required to administer life-saving support in pediatric emergencies. During CPR classes for Nannies, individuals will explore a variety of pediatric emergency topics, including:

  • Infant, Child, and Adult CPR
  • How to use and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and special considerations
  • Unconscious and conscious choking for adults, children, and infants
  • Pediatric Asthma and Anaphylaxis
  • Basic First Aid that focuses on pediatric emergencies that are the most common
  • Prevention
  • In addition, Pediatric First Aid and CPR certification for Nannies​ focuses on assorted pediatric emergencies and scenarios that will help individuals become more confident in responding to pediatric emergencies.

Who Should Enroll In Pediatric First Aid CPR AED for Child Nannies?​

Pediatric First Aid and CPR training for Nannies is ideal for:

  • Daycare Workers
  • Preschool Teachers
  • Babysitters
  • Ultimately, Pediatric First Aid and CPR training for Nannies​ is paramount for any layperson who works with children. This training ensures individuals will possess the skills and know-how needed to assist children and infants in a wide range of life-threatening situations.

Why Should You Choose Safeguard CPR For Your Pediatric First Aid CPR AED Training?

Safeguard CPR is a top provider of CPR training for Nannies throughout the United States of America. Our CPR classes for Nannies offer:

  • Expert Instructors: Our Pediatric First Aid and CPR training for Nannies is conducted by advanced medical personnel, including firefighters and registered nurses. These instructors provide expert insights into pediatric emergencies, ensuring individuals can reap the benefits of an unparalleled learning experience.
  • Comprehensive Training: Our Pediatric First Aid and CPR training for pediatric emergencies empowers individuals with knowledge related to many life-saving topics. That way, individuals can learn how to respond to pediatric emergencies, regardless of size and severity.
  • Same-Day Certification: Our Pediatric First Aid and CPR certification for Nannies usually can be completed over the course of several hours. As a result, individuals can receive same-day certification that will remain valid for two years.
  • With Safeguard CPR, Nannies can get the training they need to administer fast, effective life-saving assistance in pediatric emergencies.

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